USP Media Design works closely with independent brands and believes in friendship and having a good interrelationship with every client. It helps build stronger results, seamless workflow, and a comfortable connection between us & you.

Nothing is worse than not feeling comfortable enough to tell us when something is wrong. We am always looking to improve, constantly.


We work, driven by passion and a love for the craft. Creating personal, meaningful work that is relatable not only with the company or client but also with the audience.

A film, a photograph, a design, each detail is created with everyone in mind. Thus creating a piece of work that everyone is proud of.


There is nothing worse than a clinical, corporate company. We are all human, and we are all equal.

My name is Uthmaan Sadik, I started USP Media Design 5 years ago. Media & Design has always been my passion. Analyzing and studying media on a daily basis. Everywhere I go, the creative process is always on the go.


USP Media Design want to take your idea, listen to your imagination bring it into reality.

Graphic Design.

Graphic Design is and will forever be at the forefront of any business, band, artist, or social media page. It could be as simple as choosing your colour scheme, or as complex as fully re-branding your business. USP Media Design does it all, from the logo to the business card. If you want your company to look how you want it to look, get in touch and we will bring that idea to life.

Website Design.

Websites are an integral part of any company, business, or idea. They enable you to showcase your ideas, your process or service, to the world. If you want to get your work online and kick start your online presence a website is the perfect place to start. It’s yours, how you want it, your way.


USP Media Design aims to provide professional printing services for everyone, from local independent businesses to High Street businesses. We provide High Qauilty Business cards, Letterheads, Invoices, Menus, Leaflets, Stickers, Banners, Posters, Wedding Cards, Rubber stamps, T-shirt/Caps Mug much more.


USP Media Design aims to provide professional photo services for everyone, from local independent businesses to fully-fledged musicians. Our ultra-crisp detailed images are perfect to pair with your social channels or even your website. You can covey a lot with a single photo, and they make every platform eye-catching, and most importantly, they make them your own..

Promotional + Advert.

Promotional films & Adverts are the perfect way to showcase your business, your talent or yourself to a brand new audience. Convey fundamental points to potential clients, along side beautiful imagery in a time frame that suits you. Short, memorable adverts. Or Longer, detailed Promotional Films.

Music Video.

Music videos can completely alter a song. They allow you to show the audience every emotion behind the song, to show them your visions. Whether you want to help them interpret the song, or leave it to their imagination, is up to you. Show us your song, tell us your idea, and watch it come to life.